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      Welcome to Lyons Show Pigs

Lyons' Show Pigs is owned and operated by Ricky, Louisa, Chad, and Tori Lyons. The farm is located nine miles northwest of Mayo, Florida (Lafayette County). The Lyons family is entering their 25th year in specializing in the show pig area of swine production. The Lyons family entered the show pig business by joining Frankie Hall in 1998, and selling pigs under the name of L & H Premium Pork. After one year in business together, the Lyons Family purchased sole ownership of the business and now operates under Lyons' Show Pigs.

 Meet the Lyons Family

 The Lyons family has been committed to the agricultural industry as well as FFA and 4-H programs for many generations. Chad and Tori are fifth generation agriculturists and the entire family has earned the American FFA Degree, the highest degree awarded to FFA members. Ricky taught vocational agriculture for eight years (Suwannee and Lafayette) before being elected Clerk of Circuit Court of Lafayette County in 1988. He was reelected in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. Ricky retired in 2016.  Ricky received National FFA Honorary Membership at the 83rd National FFA Convention.  Louisa is the true "farmer" of the family. She grew up on a tobacco, peanut, corn, swine, and cow/calf farm in Suwannee County and has continued to work close with her parents' farm as well as Lyons Show Pigs. Chad and Tori both served as chapter presidents of the Lafayette FFA Chapter and served the Florida FFA Association as State Officers. Tori won the 2003 National Swine Production Proficiency Application. Chad and Tori are now agri-science teachers and FFA advisors at Lafayette High School in Mayo. Ricky, Chad, and Tori are all graduates of the University of Florida. All family members are members of Riverside Baptist Church, where Ricky serves as a Deacon. It is because of their family heritage and love for agriculture and its programs that the Lyons family has built a business based on Christian values, hard work, first class service, and top-quality genetics.

 The Program

The sow herd is centered around genetics from Cain Farms and Kilmer Swine Farm.  These females are bred artificially to top-quality hampshire, yorkshire, or exotic boars by boars from stud barns such as Cain Super Sires, Gold Rush, and Kilmer Swine Farm. The show pigs are mainly blue-butt, york appearing, hamp appearing, and some favor the exotic cross look. The pigs are bred based on age, for example it is the goal of the farm for all pigs that are shown be at least six months old. At the time of sale the pigs will have had all vaccinations, including CIRCOVIRUS, and will be dewormed. We usually inject the pigs with a dosage of LA 200 to prevent any sickness due to the stress of hauling and change of environment. The nutritional program used at Lyons' Show Pigs is top of the line, using Umbarger feeds.  

The facilities at Lyons Show Pigs are progressive and are environmentally friendly. The farm has completed the Suwannee River Partnership Program and the CARES Program. During your visit to the farm, the pigs are shown to you in our Show Barn. The barn allows us to bring the pigs out of their pens and allow them to walk and run on saw-dust or shavings. This allows the potential buyer to see the pig on the move and serves as an excellent opportunity to observe the soundness of the pigs as well as the over-all quality of the pig. The pigs shown to potential buyers are already sifted so that customers see only pigs that are blue ribbon quality or better. Each customer will have their own personal time evaluating the pigs and at any time the family will be glad to offer their advice. If you or your group can't make the trip, hauling is definitely an option and we would be glad to discuss hauling options.

The Service

The Lyons family is committed to making your swine project a success! Each family member welcomes any calls through out the project and if they don't have an answer they will be glad try to find the answer themselves.  He is also always willing to assist in "jockeying" your pig for the show and will be glad to listen to your nutritional questions. Umbarger feed can be purchased at the farm. 

We Hope to See You Soon!